October has brought us plenty of good weather- we hope you have enjoyed it! October also means Brakes for Breasts for us where we give free brake pads away with any brake repair or brake service! On top of that 10% of the labor from any brake repair gets donated to the Cleveland Clinic to help develop their Breast Cancer Vaccination. With our work so far this month we have been able to raise $1974.95 with a few days to go in the promotion!

Remember, brakes are one of the most important safety features of your vehicle. There are many reasons brake work could need to be done including; brake fluid leaks, low brake pads, low brake rotors, warped brake rotors, or brake caliper failure. If you notice vibrations when braking, grinding noises when slowing down, more brake dust on the wheels then normal, or shrill noises it could be your brakes. Not every case with these symptoms needs brake replacement right away but, they are worthwhile enough to have a qualified shop take a look.

We use only the best brake pads and rotors for your car here to avoid issues with noises, premature wear, and excessive brake dust. We find approaching the repair with only the best quality gives you the best value for your brake job around, which is something we are proud of! Give us a call today to schedule a brake inspection! It is a free brake inspection if the brake work is performed that same day!