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Check Engine Light

Vehicles often have a series of lights displayed on the dashboard that can light up without notice to indicate that something may be wrong. The check engine light is one of the most important one of these lights. That’s because drivers who overlook the check engine light may put their cars at risk for poor performance.

The car may even stop working altogether if drivers ignore the check engine light. That’s why it’s important for vehicle owners to know the reasons behind the check engine light illuminating and how to fix it.

Here are some important factors to consider:

Reasons The Check Engine Light Comes On

One of the main reasons the check engine light will light up is to indicate that the driver should check the oxygen sensor. A bad oxygen sensor will make the car burn more fuel and decrease the car miles per gallon. If drivers ignore the check engine light and the oxygen sensor is the root of the problem, then this may lead to damaged spark plugs or a damaged catalytic converter. Another common issue that can cause the check engine light to illuminate is that the gas cap may be loose or damaged. A loose gas cap can make it easy for gas to evaporate more quickly, which can mean frequent stops at the gas station for drivers.

Action to Take If the Check Engine Light Displays

When the check engine begins stays on or illuminates as a yellow or green light, then drivers should schedule an appointment with their mechanic to determine the issue as soon as possible. However, a red check engine light or a check engine light that blinks repeatedly may indicate an emergency or more serious issue. Thus, it’s important for drivers to take care of the issue right away. The mechanic can perform a diagnostic test to determine the exact issue and take measures to fix the problem.

Fixing the Check Engine Light-Related Problems

Sometimes fixing the check engine light requires a simple fix. Drivers should reduce the vehicle’s power by turning it off. They should remove the gas cap and put it back on ensuring it is tight. Drivers should then turn the vehicle back on to determine if the check engine light is still blinking or illuminated. If the light goes away, the issue is resolved. But if the light is still on or blinking, then it’s best to have a professional mechanic check the issue. Once the issue is resolved, the check engine light will not appear.

Final Thoughts

If too much time passes between the time the check engine light illuminates and the time the issue is resolved, drivers can risk having a car that won’t perform well or at all. Thus, it’s crucial for drivers to pay attention to the check engine light. By watching the check engine light, drivers can know the best action to take.

But if you can’t fix the issue that’s causing your check engine light to display, get the help of a team of professional mechanics, such as Caton Auto Clinic here in Catonsville, MD. Get your car issues resolved by a team of expert mechanics, and call Caton Auto Clinic today to set up an appointment.