Honda Repair in Catonsville, MD

Every car, no matter the year, the make, or the model, is its own unique machine. Each one operates at different level while partaking in different tasks. Those tasks can be grueling and punishing on any car even a Honda. Hondas are known for keeping their value and running for years and miles above other types of vehicles. This is only true if your Honda repair in Catonsville, MD is taken care of on a regular basis.

Caton Auto Clinic Honda Repair Services

It does not matter if it was a roadside issue, a bad timing belt, or just factory maintenance, your Honda needs to be serviced before minor issues become major ones. Honda repair in Catonsville, MD doesn’t get any better than at Caton Auto Clinic. Family owned and operated since 1975, they have prided themselves on servicing their community with high standards for over four decades. No one matches their years of experience working on Accords, Civics, Ridgelines, Fits, Odysseys, Pilots, and CR-Vs.

Father and son team, Kenny and Scott, pride themselves on being one of the seven original AAA approved repair facilities in the entire state of Maryland. It is easy to see why Honda repair in Catonsville, MD needs to be brought to their team of expert technicians. It does not matter the year, make or model, they are prepared to take any repair needed for your Honda.

Their services include, but are not limited to: transmission, steering, alignment, tires, wheels, mirrors, exhaust, oil & fluid changes, belts, timers, air conditioning, electrical, and lights. Honda repair in Catonsville, MD can’t any more precise than it does at Caton Auto Clinic. So, whether you drive your family around in a Ridgeline, or get great mileage in a Civic, bring your Honda repair in Catonsville, MD to Kenny and Scott. Keep your Honda running safely and let it keep its value for years to come. Bring your Honda down to Caton Auto Clinic today. Their team is waiting to take care of you. The 2014 Catonsville Chamber of Commerce winner of the Retailer/Service Provider of the Year Award, Caton Auto Clinic is the only choice for your Honda repair needs in Catonsville, MD. Come down now for a quote.


Caton Auto Technicians are specially trained so that they know every type of vehicle. This includes:

  • Acura
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