Just last weekend I was driving home during the ice storm and saw a car spin out which had me thinking- I wonder how many of our customers could use some helpful tips for driving in poor weather. Here are some tips that I have learned over the years:

4 Wheel Drive:
The 4 wheel drive system helps the car gain traction and take off by giving power to all four wheels when you press the gas. What it doesn’t do is help you stop! Another interesting tidbit- even when 4×4 is turned off there is still reduced power going to all four wheels. Because of this we replace all four tires each time on four wheel drive vehicles in order to make sure all the drivetrain gears match up and don’t grind when going through snow, wetness, and other conditions where traction is needed.

Driving on Ice:
Make sure to not make any sudden moves. This includes not slamming on the brakes or accelerator. The other important thing to remember is to counter steer in order to get the car back into control!

Make sure you have these things before going out in bad weather:

  • A full tank of gas: If you do get stuck in a traffic jam or worse then a full tank of gas will help keep the heat on for you!
  • Drive with headlights on: If you do slide off the road having headlights on may help a first responder locate you
  • Dress for the weather: If you ignored the full tank of gas or get stranded otherwise it is always good to make sure you dress to stay warm. Carry a blanket in the car to provide extra heat if necessary
  • Keep the cell phone fully charged so if you need to use it for a long period of time it is usable.
  • Have a roadside emergency kit well stocked and easily accessible so if you need anything you can get to it quickly!

This tips and more can help you stay alive while driving in inclement weather!