Volkswagen Repair in Catonsville, MD

Automobiles have been transformed and innovated over the past few decades. Personal and commercial vehicles have been taken to new heights with their technology and safety features. One of, if not the largest, leader in that department is Volkswagen. These leaps and bounds they have made over the years do not make them immune to needing scheduled maintenance and repair. Look no further for your Volkswagen repair in Catonsville, MD than the centrally located Caton Auto Clinic. They have been serving Volkswagen owners for over forty years spanning three generations. Kenny and Scott, a father and son team, have the experience to make them the number one choice for Volkswagen repair in Catonsville, MD.

Caton Auto Clinic Volkswagen Repair Services

Family owned and operated since 1975, they have dedicated their business and company to perfecting their Volkswagen repair in Catonsville, MD. No matter the year of your Volkswagen, modern or vintage, they are prepared to take on any needs. Whether you drive a Touareg, Golf, Beetle, Passat, Jetta, or any of their other stellar models, Caton Auto Clinic is experienced and educated in Volkswagen repair in Catonsville, MD.

Their team of expert technicians is the superior choice to maintaining your Volkswagen’s daily operations and safety standards. Their services range from oil changes, alignments, electrical system issues, brakes & wheels, exhaust problems, engine issues, transmission needs, and much, much more. It is easy to see why they are the number one choice for Volkswagen repair in Catonsville, MD.

Centrally located in Catonsville, Caton Auto Clinic truly cares about their customers, the cars they service, and their surrounding community. They are one of the original seven repair facilities in the entire state of Maryland to be AAA approved. They were the Catonsville Chamber of Commerce’s 2014 recipients of Retailer/Service Provider of the Year. They strive to out do themselves each and every year. The list of reasons goes on and on for why they should be your choice for Volkswagen repairs in Catonsville, MD. So do yourself and your Volkswagen a favor and give them a call. Their auto repair services, as well as their customer service do nothing short of amaze. Head on over the number one Volkswagen repair in Catonsville, MD. No job too big or too small for their team.


Caton Auto Technicians are specially trained so that they know every type of vehicle. This includes:

  • Acura
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