Our story starts with a World War 2 veteran (a pilot of 56 bombing missions in Europe). After the war our founder, Albert Steinbach attended Johns Hopkins & graduated with a business degree. After many years of working in large business firms he ascended into the position of vice president & general manager in charge of 7 divisions up and down the east coast with over 3000 people reporting to him.

While “Poppy” was very in tune with the workings of big business, in the late 1960’s he got caught up in the recession and was out of work for a period of time.

Al came to realize that the best answer for him was to open his own business that he could utilize all of his vast skills to make it a success. After searching many business ideas & franchises, Al settled on an auto repair franchise and opened it with his son Ken. Al was 57 years young at the time.

In 1975 we opened our doors with 6 service bays as a Milex Tune and Lube and we were actually the last Milex to receive their start up materials before Milex declared bankruptcy. Times were tough in the early days as we qualified for poverty assistance in our first year (which we did not use).

Due to the difficulties with Milex we changed our name to Caton Auto Clinic. Over the years Al ran the shop always giving excellent customer service and making sure that every customer left our family with a smile on their face. In 1983 Al semi-retired although until the day he passed away he was always around to sign the paychecks or just to check in on his son.

Ken assumed full ownership in 1983 and continued to build our shop. In the early 1980’s Jiffy Lube approached Ken to come to work for them as their technical consultant near Woodlawn, MD.

Caton AutoHe turned them down but, Jiffy Lube knew Ken was a quality professional and a good man so they installed a phone line to our location and Ken helped Jiffy Lube’s across the nation for about 10 years!

In 1991 we realized we needed to add more room to serve our guests so we added 6 more bays in the back of our original shop to double in size to 12 bays! Over the next 5 years we still were booking 3 weeks in advance and Ken knew something had to be done.

In 1995 Ken acquired the property next store which was in business as a Savon gas station. The property was converted to meet all standards and Ken was on his way to his dream of opening an Auto Mall, one stop for all of his customers no matter what their need. We opened the Mall in 1997 and incorporated Lee Myles Transmissions, American Car Care Center (a tire, alignment, and state inspection center) and the Engine Exchange. This center has evolved over the years however we have never lost the feeling of a family atmosphere in our center.

Over the years many people have stayed with us many years. Mike M. has been with us over 25 years! Kenny Seymour, Todd and Janice are nearing 20 years with us! John and Justin are approaching ten years as well! Mike Nixon, who was our lead tech for many years and Ruhl Paige recently retired with 50+ years served here between them.

Sam is recently retired after 20 years of service but still comes in to fill in from time to time.

Ten years ago Ken’s son Scott joined the family business and worked his way up, starting one summer not being allowed to work on a car but, was assigned with cleaning and organizing. He then worked his way up the organization turning some wrenches, and eventually worked his way into management and then minority ownership. Today Scott and Ken operate as an ownership team and are readily accessible at the shop or at wecare@catonautoclinic.com.

Our story is constantly evolving as in the last year or two we made a few additions. Joe Poisal, a local Catonsville native, has joined us and heads the outside sales staff and worked to help us establish Caton Auto Clinic- Fleet Division. We also re-established a maintenance shop which allows you to swing by for your oil changes when it is convenient for you. We are open later on Wednesdays and have Saturday hours!

We recognize that everything above would not have been possible if not for you, our customer, and so we truly say thank you. Should you ever need anything whether it be repairs, advice, or just a friend, we are here for you!

Ken Steinbach

Scott Steinbach


Director of “Puplic” Relations

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